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Say goodbye to advertising costs, follow-ups or the need for referrals, with Bella Bella you only pay for screened patients.

"We are thrilled with our results with Bella Bella, I have even recommended them to two of my colleagues in town!"
- Dr. Pugao, MD, DDS, FACS

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Co-Founded By Doctors for Patients

Bella Bella is Co-Founded by Dr. Gary P. Lawton, MD, FACS — a board-certified plastic surgeon and cosmetic surgery specialist in San Antonio TX. Dr. Lawton is an expert in surgery of the breast and body and has offered advanced quality patient care to San Antonio, TX, and the surrounding communities for over 20 years.

With Dr. Lawton, our team at Bella Bella has ensured that our approach prominently features the patient experience at the forefront of the process. Additionally, Dr. Lawton’s experience helps Bella Bella understand the weaknesses and strengths of a practice, where the difficulties lie, and simply what works and what doesn’t. Together, we’ve assembled the tools to make patients happy and plastic surgery practices and MedSpas full.

Bella Bella Co-Founders Carlos J. Gracida (left)
Dr. Gary P. Lawton, MD (right)

If we don’t send you screened patients within 24 hours…YOU DON’T PAY!

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With Bella Bella you only pay for results... with no minimums.

Designed by Doctors for Patients

Our incredible Bella Bella team includes Doctors and Board Certified Plastic Surgeons who believe that happy patients make for a happy practice.

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Not only do we remove the risk entirely from our Surgeons & MedSpas, but we make it easy to add revenue while expanding your customer base.

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